Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Team Coaching

An external coach from YESS can offer solutions should your company not be performing at its best or should the interaction within the team not be optimal. Through team coaching, we provide insight into the individual skills of your team members. Our consultants can help to streamline the collaboration within your organisation and demonstrate which methods of motivation and feedback are most effective. Herein, YESS helps you to define and convey professional standards and values and to create a shared vision. The YESS team coaching programme is tailor-made to your objectives.


Personal and professional developments play an essential role in attracting and retaining ambitious young professionals. The new generation of leaders want to constantly excel and desire structural feedback. This development must reflect both their wishes and the strategy of your organisation.

The YESS2Success trajectory is an individual programme. We develop skills and competences on the basis of education, personal coaching and intervision. Our coaches are committed to personal leadership. This allows young professionals to develop themselves more quickly and fully unlocks their potential. An intensive collaboration ensures the individual learning objectives and results within your organisation.

In addition to the open YESS2Success programme, YESS also offers tailored in-company programmes.

YESS on the Move

The YESS on the Move programme is aimed at professionals who want to make a career change or are forced to change jobs. We work together with both individuals and companies who are involved in a reorganisation. Our coaches help to devise a development plan. The skills, personality, motivations and ambitions of the professional, as well as the job prospects, are critically examined and assessed. Subsequently, YESS offers support in approaching the market, making contacts and following the application procedure.

Our consultants are certified career advisors. Due to our broad understanding of the industry we know what the clients want and expect. This is how we discover which growth opportunities best match the skills and preferences of the professional.

YESS Executive Assessment

At YESS International Consultants we do an executive assessment to charter your qualities as a team. The executive assessments are on an individual, team and organizational level. Because of the executive assessments, YESS can offer assistance in the optimization of the management team. We have a broad knowledge base regarding management skills. We are specialized in talent development.

As a result, we benchmark your qualities as a team against those of potential competitors. Hereby we provide insight into the skills that are required to achieve your future objectives.

In either case, you need best-in-class players who complement each other. Your best-in-class players are finely attuned to the other team members. With an optimally functioning team you have the ability to anticipate changes in the market. An optimally functioning management team is, after all, crucial to the success of an organization.

Assemble an optimal team

Each organisation is unique in its ambitions and opportunities. For that reason, with each executive assessment, we reassess which tools provide the broadest insight. This tools are for example a personal assessment, capability test, 360 degree analysis and/or reference interviews. This allows us to determine the suitability and development potential of an individual candidate or complete management team. As a result you can assemble an optimal team. Similarly you further develop the talents of your current team.

What is the result of the YESS2Success programme?

A conscious and critical professional who:

  • Contributes more to your organisation
  • Offers a fresh point of view with new ideas and approaches
  • Knows what his/her talents, areas of improvement and ambitions are

An organisation that:

  • Increases its capacity for learning
  • Is an attractive employee for ambitious professionals
  • Is more diverse

Is an executive assessment the right solution for your organisation?

  • You are close to hiring a candidate but could use a second opinion
  • You would like to find out whether your team possesses the right skills to execute the desired strategy
  • You consider to promote an internal candidate, but question whether he/she possesses the right qualities
  • You have three good Sales Directors and need to know who to select for a position abroad