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7 motivational podcasts for entrepreneurs that are worth listening to

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Listening to a podcast is a perfect way to spend your time – especially when you have a hectic schedule. There is a wide variety of audio episodes online. To make the overwhelming choice easier for you, YESS selected a list of favourite podcasts, based on the following principles: education, entertainment, motivation and inspiration.

A podcast is not only entertaining but also very educational. Digital audios allow you to get motivated while you are on the move; just put your headphones in or turn your speakers on.

Before we start:

First things first; maybe you haven’t listened to a podcast before – so where to start? You can listen to an episode on a website but also on your mobile phone or IPad:

    • From your computer, you can search for a website that has a podcast you like, find the player on the page and click play (we will show you some examples of where to find these podcasts.)
    • On your iPhone and iPad, you can search in your App-store for the Apple podcasts app. The app should already be downloaded, so search for ‘Podcasts’. Once you have opened the app, you go to the search page to look for the podcast you want to listen to (click on the magnifying glass button in the navigation at the bottom). Once you are at the homepage of your selected audio; you can choose an episode of your preference and tap to play it.
    • For Android, you can use the Google podcasts app. It’s the same as for iPhone, only you search ‘Google Podcasts’ in the play store app to install the app first.

Are you ready to get inspired?

TED talks

thought-provoking ideas from expert speakers

TED posts talks under the slogan “ideas worth spreading”, we mostly know TED Talks from the video’s online. But it’s also possible to have TED Conferences on the go by talks in audio format. The ‘TED talks daily’ are thought-provoking ideas from expert speakers. In TED Talks Business some of the world’s greatest innovators, entrepreneurs, and business researchers share their stories and insights.

Beyond the To-Do List

In “Beyond the To-Do List” host Eric Fisher talks to the people behind the creativity. Fisher talks with people about what they achieved, where they failed and what their daily struggles are. The listener hears personal stories and it is all about strategy: it makes you think about what you are doing now and how you can do this particular thing in your life better. It is all about getting “beyond your to-do list”…

The Mixergy Startup Stories

this podcast is good to listen to when you feel highly productive

The Mixergy interviews entrepreneurs about how they build their businesses. It is good to know that the interviewer talks fast and all the interviews are in-depth. There are a lot of modern podcasts about software, media, and scheduling. For example: “How software is helping smaller e-commerce players grow their businesses”.

School of Greatness

Lewis Howes, a New York Times best-selling author, interviews achievers (from professional football players to entrepreneurs and bloggers) about their success. The podcast focuses on personal development by inviting guests who share insights based on their own experience and hard work. The host wants to empower listeners with the message that greatness can be achieved by specific habits and tools. His podcasts concerns big subjects in five topics: inspiration, business, entrepreneur, health, relationships.

Tip: if you don’t have a lot of time, listen to his 5 min. Friday podcast.

Safe For Work 

for more balance and happiness in your career

Avoiding a burnout, negotiating raises, knowing when it’s time to move on; the podcast Safe For Work contains helpful career advice that’s lively and fun. The hosts are Liz Dolan, former head of marketing at Nike, The Oprah Winfrey Network and National Geographic and Rico Gagliano, a contributor to The Wall Street Journal and co-author of BRUNCH IS HELL.

This podcast is perfect if you want to find (more) balance and happiness in your career. Safe For Work is an advice show that reminds you that while your office may be crazy, you don’t have to be.

Entrepreneur on fire

The name of this podcast says enough: it is about the entrepreneur on fire, the successful businessman and – woman of this time. The host of the show, John Lee Dumas, talks with business leaders about their success stories and how they became ‘entrepreneurs on fire’. The main goal of his podcast is to inspire entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.

Creative mornings – one-hour lectures

Creative mornings is a one-hour podcast with funny and inspiring, self-named: “breakfast lectures through your headphones.” Not all podcasts are business-related, it is all about leaders and heroes who talk about their success story.

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