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9 books that you must read in 2019

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It is a New Year to inspire and to be inspired. One of the best ways to get some positive energy is by reading a good book. Therefore, YESS asked various relations about their favorite readings. Please find below the perfect book-list.

One year ago, we provided you our first list of books you should definitely read.  But a New Year, means new books. Please get inspired!

Leen Zevenbergen, Activist for a Sustainable Future @ Seven Mountains BV

De Zijderoutes by Peter Frankopan.

In an ever-changing world this book pictures the trading routes of the future.

A must-read book if you are interested in how international trading routes developed themselves during the ages. From the Silk routes as we know them from Marco Polo, via the famous silver route from South America to China, through the route to the black gold ending at the clash of the superpowers. This book describes how we are now going from a disastrous ending of the 20th century for the US and Europe towards the new silk route in Asia. In an ever-changing world this book pictures the trading routes of the future.

The Monk of Mokha by Dave Eggers.

A real page-turner.

A super entertaining novel about an immigrant from Jemen, growing up in San Francisco, develops a coffee brand by discovering the grand coffee history of his former country. With no knowledge on the making of coffee, no knowledge on the selection of the right beans. Mokhtar Alkanshali fights all odds against him and starts shipping containers out of the war struck country.

Thank you for being late by Thomas Friedman.

Thomas Friedman makes an effort to explain the current unrest and fear within many people. His appointment was late so he had time to reflect, time for himself. Something people seldom do; reflecting.  Friedman describes three tectonic movements that clash at this moment in time. The speeding up of technological developments, the globalization of the market and climate change, the change in nature. The inflection point between these three moving parts depresses many people, but could also be a great source of optimism. If you want to enjoy this acceleration, you should read this book.

Mr. Marc Ph.M. Wiggers, Ph.D and Partner @ Loyens & Loeff

Colonel Chabert by Honoré de Balzac

One of the best known French writers of the 19th century, Honoré de Balzac, wrote a book about Colonel Chabert: a Napoleonic War hero. When Chabert a Napoleonic War hero supposedly killed in the Battle of Eylau, returns to Paris after a long convalescence, he finds his wife remarried, his pension gone and the society totally changed. Chabert is excluded from society and nobody wants to acknowledge him. In this novella Balzac tells about the irrevocable fall of a personality.

A Letter to my Teacher by Nexus, nr. 79.

This beautiful anthology of letters incites to reflection on both the role of the teacher and the student

In 1991 Rob Riemen founded the journal Nexus, that ever since has been published three times a year. Nexus is about the meaning and value of our cultural heritage for the contemporary society. The Nexus Institute established in 1994, studies the European culture. The Nexus journal of December 2018 is a tribute to the teacher. Prominent authors write a letter to their teacher or mentor who inspired them to rise to a great height. What did these teachers do to make the difference? Grant the desire to think autonomously, stimulate self-confidence or trigger a love of wisdom? This beautiful anthology of letters incites to reflection on both the role of the teacher and the student. I start with reading the letters of Nobel prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa, professor Kishore Muhbubani and countertenor Andreas Scholl.

Army of None by Paul Scharre

Since Bill Gates ranked Paul Scharre’s Army of none in his top 5 books of 2018, this book is completely sold out. The book deals with the frightening topic of autonomous weapons and the future of war. It explains how far we already have come and where we might be heading. Fundamental questions are raised, such as:

  • are autonomous weapons illegal?
  • are autonomous weapons immoral?
  • are autonomous weapons destabilizing?
  • do we need to fight to ban autonomous weapons or are they inevitable?

As Bill Gates rightfully points out in his notes: “Autonomous weapons aren’t exactly top of mind for most around the holidays, but this thought-provoking look at A.I. in warfare is hard to put down.”

Willie Beumer, Head International, Trade Sales & Innovation @ ABN AMRO Bank N.V

The first 90 days by Michael Watkins.

This book is helpful during critical career transition periods

This book is not only interesting for first-time managers, but also helpful during critical career transition periods. In the fast-changing landscape we live in these days, it becomes more and more important to be able to diagnose situations, understand the challenges and opportunities; to add value.

Blockchain Basics by Daniel Drescher.

Even though the hype around crypto currencies seems to be over, the technology behind it is here to stay. The book describes in 25 steps the basic principes of the blockchain technology. It is easy to read and doesn’t only give insight in the problems that blockchain can solve, but also in the restrictions.

Hostage at the Table by George Kohlrieser

George Kohlrieser is a Professor of Leadership at IMD. He starten his career as a psychologist and hostage negotiater. These roles led him to his deep conviction in the power of emotional bonding. Hostage at the table describes how you can be held hostage (become stuck in separation and grief) without knowing it. In this book, George shows how the skills and techniques that are used in hostage negotiation can be applied successfully to any personal or business relationship. He outlines seven key factors that can help leaders to create trust and a positive mindset in their company of which the strength of a secure base and the bonding cycle are most inspiring.

“He outlines seven key factors that can help leaders create trust and a positive mindset in their company “

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