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YESS is proud to be part of the Talentor Network. We are happy to announce our partnership with Talentor International. This partnership means we can offer local expertise with trusted partners for search projects in more than 28 countries on 4 continents.

Local expertise with trusted partners

Talentor is an international executive search and recruiting network specialized in the middle and upper management segment. We are and will stay an independent agency in Amsterdam working closely together with our partners worldwide in the Talentor network.

a global network of innovative and reliable search professionals

A global network

The moment we joined Talentor as a local operator, we immediately plugged into a global network of innovative and reliable search professionals who can help with cross-border project. Talentor’s focus on transparency and integrity makes the network a perfect fit for us.
Talentor offers its services through focused industry practice groups. Regardless whether the client is large and global or small and local, Talentor´s combination of global reach, local presence and extensive practical knowledge make us a powerful partner.


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“Not hocus-pocus”

World-class companies know their future lives or dies on the strength of their employees and their leaders. They know that executive search is not about hocus-pocus or rocket science. It’s about persistence, pragmatism, and a passion for finding the right person. Each Talentor Partner shares these values – and deep local expertise with a global network for finding Leaders for Tomorrow.